Varisource Marketplace

The Google Of Technology Sourcing

The search engine with 1000+ suppliers across 200+ countries to help you find the best technology solutions & services for your business

Finding Sulutions based on data insights

Game Changing Technology Sourcing Experience

Compare Pricing and Solutions for Telecom, Voice, Cloud, Software, Hardware, Security, Mobility, SDWAN

Compare Pricing

Always be able to get multiple pricing options for any technology products and services you need for your business so you get the best pricing the market has to offer

Supplier Research

A search engine dedicated for technology sourcing searching through millions of data points about thousands of suppliers to make it easier for you to find the right solution

Engineer Questions

Include 1000+ engineers willing and open to answer any questions and provide education on any technology products without sales pressure or demo until you are ready

Why Work With Us

Varisource Marketplace Comparison

Sourcing Model


Search Engine

Existing Relationship


Supplier Data Points

A marketplace specifically built for finding best technology suppliers

Only give you search results from ads and general supplier websites

Only recommend their own solutions, limited knowledge and options  

Fit For Your Business

Data insights matching best suppliers fitting your business needs

Display overall suppliers but not based on your company industry, size, needs

Only have own solution to offer, so cannot fit all aspects of your needs

Ask Questions

Ask 1000+ engineers questions and learn for free without sales pressure

Only take you to supplier websites, can't ask questions unless you do sales call

Can only talk about their solution, even if not best for you, can't be agnostic

Technology Focused

Data Insights

Search and matching based on millions of data points to fit your specific needs

Whoever buys more ads show up first have no idea what your business is about

Cannot share data about other suppliers or consultants using spreadsheets

Vendor Management

We help you keep suppliers accountable and track savings ongoing

After you make a search you are on your own

When you need them they don't respond after you buy already

Supplier Performance

Tracking supplier performance in portal to keep them accountable

After you make a search you are on your own

No data to back up other than feelings of maybe they are doing good or bad

Free Benchmark

Always get multiple suppliers pricing to compare who's best for your needs

Only show you website links to click on and nothing more

Can't benchmark against themselves so you are stuck with old bad pricing

Free Engineer Resource

1000+ engineers willing to answer any questions for you anytime for free

Only show you website links to click on and nothing more

Limited to own resources and expertise not across broad market

Supplier Filters

Help With Negotiation

With millions of data points we help you negotiate best pricing

Only show you website links to click on and nothing more

Can't negotiate on themselves so not interested to give you data to help you

Proactive Reminders

Automatic reminders for you on contract expirations so you have time to plan

Only show you website links to click on and nothing more

Will not remind you so you autorenew or consultants using only spreadsheets

Supplier News Feed

News feed for your suppliers so you know latest good or bad news about them

Only show you website links to click on and nothing more

Only send you email for something good but not when something is going bad

Know The Market

More options to compare and save

Varisource marketplace is the first technology products and services focused marketplace that aggregates 1000+ suppliers to help you discover the best solutions for your business size, industry and needs completely for free

Search and discover best suppliers for telecom, voice, security, cloud, software, hardware, mobility, sdwan, and more
Always be able to get multiple pricing comparisons from different suppliers to help with benchmarking and decision making
Discovery Tool That Complements You

We just match you with the best supplier for you

Varisource marketplace uses data insights to match your business requirements with the best supplier options but you will contract directly with the supplier and own that relationship so we only complement your existing sourcing and purchasing process

Varisource team can also help you negotiate pricing and contracts as extension of your team with our expertise and data
We track supplier performance ongoing for you and assign suppliers a score to hold them accountable
Learn Before You Decide

1000+ engineers as extension of your team

IT teams often resource constrained because there's simply way too much manage and support, making it very difficult to have expertise in every products and services for your business. That's why our marketplace have thousands of engineers willing to help anytime

Easily ask questions or learn about new technologies and trends so you can plan for future without sales pressure or demos
Engineers are willing to help because they are part of Varisource marketplace and they want to build relationships for the future
The New way to source technology services

Making Technology Sourcing As Simple As Google Search

Agnostic search engine that show you can search or simply filter on what you are looking for and find list of suppliers best fit and see supplier information without having to speak to anyone until you are ready

Check Out The Platform

Countries that supplier can service anywhere globally for your US or global locations


Suppliers that fits every company size, industry, feature needs that you need for your business to ensure you have the best technology products and services to run your business cost effectively


Varisource works on a success based model which means the marketplace is free and we get paid only when we generate savings for you


Average savings when we help benchmark your existing services through the marketplace to identify savings and negotiate with existing suppliers or replace with new