September 6, 2023

Master the Art of Technology Procurement with Varisource: Essential Tips for Businesses


In today's fast-paced digital world, technology has become the backbone of modern businesses. The role of technology procurement in an organization's success has never been more significant. As organizations continue to invest in new technology solutions to drive growth and innovation, it is critical to have a solid grasp of the procurement process to secure the best deals, develop productive vendor relationships, and get the maximum return on investment. Moreover, this intricate process requires careful planning, research, negotiation skills, and ongoing management to ensure business goals align with technology choices.

Enter Varisource, the first technology buying and management platform designed to help businesses access and utilize millions of internal and external market data points to save more, shop better, and manage their technology purchases more efficiently. With Varisource's market data and advanced capabilities, businesses can overcome the challenges inherent in technology procurement while ensuring they select the most suitable technology solutions and vendors for their needs. In this blog post, we will share essential tips for mastering the art of technology procurement, focusing on how Varisource's platform can streamline and simplify the process for businesses. 

1. Building a Strategic Technology Procurement Plan

Creating a strategic technology procurement plan is a crucial step in ensuring that your organization's technology investments align with its business goals. Varisource's wealth of market data can aid in building such a plan by providing valuable insights to make informed decisions:

- Assessing Business Needs: Start by evaluating your organization's technology requirements and shortlisting potential solutions that meet these needs.

- Setting Procurement Objectives: Establish clear short-term and long-term goals for your technology procurement plan, focusing on aspects such as cost optimization, improving performance, scalability, and innovation.

- Leveraging Varisource's Data: Utilize the extensive market data offered by Varisource to identify potential technology solutions, vendors, and emerging trends in the industry.

- Prioritizing Investments: Use the insights provided by Varisource to prioritize technology investments based on their potential impact on your organization's objectives and overall strategy.

2. Vendor Selection with Varisource

Selecting the right technology vendors is critical for your organization's success, as it directly affects the quality of products and services you will receive. Varisource can simplify this process with its data-driven insights:

- Criteria for Vendor Selection: Establish a comprehensive list of criteria against which potential vendors will be assessed, including factors such as cost, compatibility, security, track record, and customer support.

- Accessing Varisource's Data: Use Varisource's platform to access millions of data points, providing valuable insights into various technology vendors and their offerings.

- Assessing Vendors: Leverage the data provided by Varisource to evaluate potential vendors based on your organization's criteria, ensuring an objective and informed comparison.

- Making Data-Driven Decisions: Rely on the data-backed insights offered by Varisource to choose technology vendors that closely align with your organization's needs and growth plans.

3. Efficient Procurement Negotiations

Negotiating favorable terms and deals with technology vendors is a vital part of the procurement process. Varisource can add value to this process by supplying crucial market data:

- Understanding Market Norms: Utilize the data available through Varisource to gain insights into industry pricing trends and typical contract terms, giving you a solid foundation for negotiations.

- Identifying Negotiation Points: Varisource's data-driven insights can help you pinpoint areas for potential negotiation, such as seeking volume discounts, flexible contract terms, or additional services at no extra cost.

- Benchmarking Vendor Offers: Compare the offers presented by vendors against industry benchmarks, using Varisource's data to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market landscape.

- Reaching Mutually Beneficial Agreements: With the aid of Varisource's market insights, organizations can negotiate more effectively, reaching agreements that provide value to both parties while minimizing risks and maintaining long-term partnerships.

4. Continuous Procurement Improvement

The technology landscape is ever-evolving, and organizations must continuously enhance their technology procurement strategies to stay ahead of the curve. Varisource's real-time market data can drive ongoing improvement:

- Monitoring Procurement Performance: Use Varisource's platform to consistently monitor the performance of your technology procurement strategies, measuring their effectiveness against predetermined objectives.

- Assessing Market Changes: Stay informed about current and emerging trends in the industry by leveraging Varisource's vast pool of market data, enabling your organization to adapt to changes swiftly.

- Refining Procurement Processes: Use the insights provided by Varisource to identify areas for improvement in your procurement processes, such as streamlining vendor communications, enhancing documentation, or improving contract management.

- Future-Proofing Technology Investments: Continually reassess your organization's technology needs and investments in light of new market data from Varisource, ensuring that your procurement strategies remain aligned with your long-term business goals.


By mastering the art of technology procurement with the help of Varisource's technology buying and management platform, businesses can streamline their procurement process, improve vendor relationships, and drive better value from their technology investments. Implementing a strategic technology procurement plan, selecting suitable vendors, conducting efficient negotiations, and continuously improving procurement strategies are all essential elements in realizing the full potential of your technology investments.

In an era where technology plays a pivotal role in shaping the success of a business, having a firm grasp of the procurement process and the power of data can make all the difference. Equip your organization with Varisource's platform and unlock unparalleled advantages in the realm of technology procurement.

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