The Mission
Behind Varisource.

Technology is top 3 spend for every business, but it's also the most difficult area to save, buy and manage. It's nearly impossible for companies to manage the hundreds and thousands of technology services to make sure you always have the best solution, service, pricing, value and ROI every time. Varisource was built to solve this


Average Savings


Time To Value



Our Story

Varisource was started by a team of seasoned technology sales, data, procurement veterans that believe the only way for companies to turn technology services and spend from a cost center into a value center is having full visibility and access into "internal" and "external" data. Having the ability to automatically digitize existing contracts, inventory, spend data and then correlate that with millions of market data so your team can win on every savings and buying decisions

Get Savings & Growth At The Same Time

Technology is not just the top 3 spend for every business.  Buying the right technology can 10X your business for growth or having the wrong technology can hold your company back because you don't have the budget, features, and tools to win against competition

Watch the video and come on this journey with us to completely change the technology buying process

We Put You In Control Of Your Technology Investments

With Varisource You Get All The Data & Leverage You Need With All Vendors

Identify Savings

We help you digitize vendor spend + inventory + contracts + supplier performance data and identify savings automatically

Re-allocate Savings For More Projects

We generate savings across 100+ spend categories as new budget to reallocate and pay for other spend initiatives

You Control When You Want To Make Decision

Having actionable data means you can plan ahead and have leverage against vendors, but you are in full control of when to make those decisions

Leverage For Better Negotiation

We give you data on market rates, benchmarking, vendor performance, and contract terms to make every negotiation go in your favor