The Mission
Behind Varisource.

We believe every company deserve to have the data insights of your own technology spend to have the control and leverage to make your technology investments and suppliers work for you

đŸ”„  Can't Plan or Budget What You Can't See

Data help us make decisions everyday in personal and business. Data help us understand when something is going well or not, performing well or not meeting expectations, if we are spending based on market rates or we are getting ripped off by a supplier. Companies all want to have data, but suppliers make it very difficult to have it and it's simply too expensive or complicated to have all the data you need across entire technology spend


Average Savings


Central Data Hub



Our Story

Varisource was started by a team of seasoned technology and data analysis veterans that believe the way to give companies the total data insights and generate savings and value we have to be able to offer entire technology 360 process of helping customer centralize the data, benchmark against market, evaluate supplier performance, proactive insights into contract expirations and terms, then offer the world's largest technology sourcing marketplace to give customer pricing leverage all done for you

Better Decisions Based On Data

Imagine you don't have customer data to know what they like, how would you know what products to sell?  Or you don't have employee data to know if they are performing well or not, you wouldn't be able to manage employees properly. So what happens when you don't have your technology data?

Varisource Data Insights Benefits

What's Possible When You Finally Have Data Visibility Into Your Technology Spend

Identify Savings

When we combine spend + inventory + contracts + supplier performance data and we can identify saving opportunities and plan ahead

Re-allocate Savings For More Needs

When we generate savings we help customer identify other technologies and services that we can re-allocate to create immediate budget for other needs

You Control When You Want To Make Decision

Having the data means you can control if and when you want to make a change when you need it, not rely on suppliers to give you data, not rely on suppliers to remind you, which they will not do

Knowing Allows You To Negotiate

Having data that shows how much you spend with a supplier correlated with how they are performing, gives you the data insights to negotiate and have leverage against suppliers