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Get Spend Advantage™ For All Your Renewals and New Purchases


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What Is Spend Advantage™

Your competitive advantage to have leverage and savings on all your vendor spend across 100+ spend categories

How Does It Work?

A single platform you can save, buy and manage your entire Spend Advantage™

We automatically identify and generate savings for you based on 50+ million market data points so you can expect 5X ROI immediately
Marketplace with thousands of vendors so you always have multiple options to find, compare, benchmark for any technology solutions across 100+ categories
Automatically digitize your existing vendor contracts, spend, inventory and every new order so you are always protected and have leverage

Got savings within first 2 weeks


5X ROI returns after only first 45 days


Get leverage and win on every renewal

"Varisource platform saved my team a lot of time on vendor research and benchmarking, within 4 weeks of working with them we already saved over $50K+ on a single category"


IT Director
Global Manufacturing Company

Get Spend Advantage™ Through

There are millions of technology options, what you need is a better buying process


Discount Savings

Access discounts for 25K+ of vendors across 100+ spend categories


Benchmark Savings

Get benchmark data to help you win on every renewal to identify and generate savings


New Purchase Savings

Don't over pay for products and services again with our Spend Advantage™ program


Rebate Savings

Access rebates for tens of thousands of vendors across 100+ spend categories

Immediately Save Time & Money Across 100+ Business Spend Categories

We help aggregate your internal vendor data + millions of external market data, and correlate automatically to give you the leverage for business decisions

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Buy Cheaper, Better, Easier In

3 Clicks

Always get multiple options that fit your requirements so you can validate and decide
Average Savings


We give you access to 50+ million market data points to benchmark and negotiate
Time to Value

30 Days

Nothing to implement or install so you can get value and savings immediately
More Budget For You


We help you generate more savings and reallocate that into budget for new projects

Get More Growth Cost Effectively  

The Only Platform That Can

Impact Both Top Line & Bottom Line

Varisource will help your team buy the right technology with the right features at the right price so you can accelerate growth and save at the same time

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The First Ever Vendor Cloud™

Single Source of Truth For All Vendor Data  

Contracts Data

Data to know all your vendor contract expiration and notice periods with proactive reminders

Inventory Data

Data to know all your product inventory, service descriptions, order details and what you pay for

Market Data

Data to know the best options, vendors, pricing, solutions, and ROI the market has to offer your company

Real Time Data

Data that is real time at the time of your request, so you can take actions and make sound business decisions

Benchmark Data

Data to know the best pricing the market has to offer for any purchase request by comparing multiple vendors in 3 clicks

Spend Data

Data to know who, what, when, where and why on your technology spend in a single dashboard

Actionable Data

Data that already correlated spend, contracts, and inventory so your team can focus on making decisions

Vendor Data

Data to know if your vendor is delivering on time, on what they promised, and how they perform throughout the contract

Industry Data

Data to know what solutions and vendors other companies in your same industries are having success with

The Competitive Advantage For Every Stakeholder

Why Every Department Loves Us

Varisource becomes the secret weapon for every department, giving stakeholders the data, resources, tools needed to win on every saving and buying decision