August 9, 2023

Technology Procurement: Boosting Efficiency & Value for Your Business


In today's increasingly digital business landscape, technology procurement – the process of sourcing and acquiring information technology (IT) assets – plays a pivotal role in an organization's overall strategy. Effective technology procurement can yield significant cost savings, drive operational efficiencies, and catalyze competitive advantage. However, with a multitude of vendors, evolving technological trends, and complex pricing models, navigating the technology procurement maze can prove challenging for businesses.

This is where Varisource – the first Technology Buying and Management Platform – steps in to guide businesses on their journey towards effective technology procurement. Varisource offers access to millions of internal and external market data points, empowering organizations to save more, shop better, and manage technology purchases more efficiently. With its innovative platform, Varisource ensures a transparent, efficient, and effective procurement process, enabling businesses to make data-driven decisions to optimize value and reduce costs.

By leveraging Varisource's platform and the strategies discussed in this blog, organizations can effectively navigate the technology procurement landscape, making smart, data-driven decisions to optimize costs, augment efficiency, and pave the way for business success in the digital era.

1. Strategic Sourcing

Strategic sourcing is a crucial aspect of technology procurement, requiring organizations to identify and evaluate potential vendors, ensuring alignment between business needs and the technology provider's offerings. To effectively source the best technology vendors and products, consider the following steps:

- Identify your organization's technology needs: Begin by understanding your business's specific technology requirements, including hardware, software, and services that align with your goals, operations, and budget.

- Research available vendors and products: Explore various technology vendors and products, investigating their offerings, reputation, and client reviews to gather pertinent information.

- Evaluate vendor capabilities: Analyze each vendor's ability to fulfill your requirements, considering factors such as product quality, customer service, innovation, and deployment times.

- Assess the total cost of ownership (TCO): Factor in TCO when evaluating technology purchases, including acquisition costs, implementation, and ongoing maintenance expenses.

2. Cost Optimization

Effective cost optimization is a crucial element of technology procurement, enabling organizations to make the most of their technology investments. Varisource's platform can be a valuable asset for driving cost optimization in the following ways:

- Vendor negotiation: Proper negotiation enables you to secure favorable terms, discounts, and even additional services from vendors. Varisource's market data insights can help organizations approach these negotiations with a better understanding of pricing trends and vendor specifics.

- Leverage pricing models: Organizations can capitalize on diverse pricing models, such as volume discounts, bundled offers, and subscription-based models. Varisource helps companies compare and evaluate pricing structures for maximum cost savings and value.

- Continuously monitor technology costs: Regularly tracking and evaluating technology costs can help identify underutilized assets, potential cost-saving opportunities, and areas for improvement. Varisource's platform can assist in monitoring technology costs over time, providing valuable insights to empower data-driven decision-making.

3. Benefits of Automating Procurement Processes

Automation has the potential to streamline and enhance technology procurement processes, offering organizations a range of benefits, such as:

- Increased operational efficiency: Automation can streamline various procurement tasks, such as invoice processing, order management, and vendor communication, allowing your team to focus on more strategic priorities.

- Improved data accuracy: Leveraging automation reduces the likelihood of manual data entry errors, leading to more accurate record-keeping and reporting.

- Enhanced visibility: Automated procurement systems – like Varisource's platform – can provide more insights into your organization's technology procurement status and spending, allowing for better decision-making and forecasting.

- Reduced risk of non-compliance: Automated systems can help ensure adherence to approved vendors, products, and budgets, reducing the risk of non-compliance with procurement policies, contracts, and best practices.

4. Leveraging Varisource for Intelligent Procurement

Varisource's Technology Buying and Management Platform can be instrumental in revolutionizing your organization's technology procurement strategy. By leveraging the platform's features and insights, businesses can optimize both procurement processes and purchasing decisions:

- Access to market data: Varisource provides organizations access to millions of internal and external market data points, making it easier to find, compare, and evaluate the best technology options for their specific needs.

- Streamlined vendor management: The platform allows businesses to consolidate vendor information, contracts, and communications, simplifying vendor management and facilitating more effective vendor relationships.

- Automated procurement tasks: Varisource's platform automates various procurement tasks, such as billing, order tracking, and communication, enhancing efficiency and minimizing the risk of human error.

- Improved procurement analytics: The platform offers advanced analytics capabilities, enabling organizations to monitor spending trends, cost savings opportunities, and overall procurement performance, providing insights for data-driven decision-making.


Mastering the art of technology procurement can provide a significant competitive advantage by enabling organizations to optimize costs, improve efficiency, and maximize the value gained from their technology investments. By leveraging the best Technology Buying Platform of Varisource, organizations can navigate the complex technology procurement landscape with greater ease, making intelligent, data-driven decisions that drive substantial savings, enhance effectiveness, and propel business success in the digital era.

By focusing on strategic sourcing, cost optimization, automation, and tapping into Varisource's platform as a valuable resource, organizations can unlock the full potential of technology procurement, ensuring a bright, digitally-driven future in an increasingly competitive business environment.