Data Insights Platform Helping You Identify Savings, Prevent Autorenew, and Stop Suppliers From Over Charging For Your Technology Spend

We Made Searching For 1000s+ Of Technology Services and Suppliers As Simple As Doing A Google Search & Personalized For Your Business

We Digitize & Centralize Your Technology Spend, Inventory, Contracts, Supplier Performance Data Into Proactive Reminders & Insights

Having Data Doesn't Mean You Have To Switch Or Change But It Helps You Identify Savings & Negotiate With Suppliers


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Current IT & Procurement Data Challenges

Technology is often top 3 spend in any size organization, but it's often too expensive and challenging to track inventory, spend, contracts, supplier performance data which leads to........

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Lack of Data

Challenge: Too difficult, time consuming and expensive to keep up with tracking inventory, contracts, spend data and supplier performance

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Challenge: Without centralized data and tool customers often get autorenew by the supplier which hinders your ability to reduce cost

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Resource Constraints

Challenge: IT teams are usually so busy running the business and support there's not enough resource and time to manage the data

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Excel Spreadsheets

Challenge: Most companies keep data in spreadsheets which is just raw data and cannot provide analysis or proactive insights

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No Proactive Insights

‍‍Challenge: Having just raw data on spreadsheets or portals without proactive reminders still make it too difficult for customer to track

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Legacy Pricing

Challenge: Customers are stuck with legacy pricing and technology because you got autorenew or don't have the latest market rates

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Supplier Performance

Challenge: Without tracking how well your suppliers are doing, you don't have the data to negotiate and hold suppliers accountable

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Supplier Leverage

Challenge: You end up having to ask the supplier you are trying to replace for the insights and data you need and they take a long time

The Varisource Solution

Varisource is the first ever Data Insights platform focus on helping companies centralize and digitize your technology spend, contracts, inventory, supplier performance data all in a single dashboard for you to help provide you data you need. So you don't track things on spreadsheets and never get autorenew or over charge by suppliers again

Data 360

Varisource Data Insights platform gives you a 360 degree data of your IT products, services and suppliers to help you have full visibility into using data to make better decisions

technology 360
1. Data For Digital Transformation

Varisource data platform gives you the data you need to migrate to the cloud or moving to digital transformation a successful process

2. Data For Supplier Performance

Varisource data platform gives you data on how  suppliers are performing so we use the data to keep them accountable and negotiating with leverage

3. Data For Sourcing

Varisource data platform shows your current spend vs 25 million data points of market pricing to help you save during sourcing

4. Data For Savings

Varisource data platform identify savings opportunities by extracting hidden info on contracts and invoices to give you data for significant savings

5. Data For Budgeting & Planning

Varisource data platform gives you all the data on your current IT landscapes to help you plan for new projects and for budgeting with clear trackable visibility

6. Data For Leverage

Varisource data platform gives you all the information about every products, services, suppliers data so you have leverage and control during negotiations and supplier management  

How It Works

How It Works

4 Easy Steps To Incredible Data Insights and Savings For Your Entire Technology Spend

step 1call with Varisource
Digitize & Centralize
We help digitize and centralize your contracts, inventory, usage, spend, and even supplier performance data all into a single dashboard done for you
step 2Identify Savings
Analyze Data
Get a free report on seeing all supplier information for all services and system identifies saving opportunities, over charges and supplier improvement needed
step 3Proactive Insights
Proactive Insights
Get automatic proactive reminders on the web, email and mobile on contract expirations, spend changes, supplier not meeting SLA and more
step 4Success Based Model
Success Based Model
Truly risk free model with shared savings model where you only pay Varisource if and when we are able to identify and generate savings for your business

Technology Benchmark Categories

Varisource can help you identify savings and get data insights across your entire technology stack


Connectivity such as MPLS or internet, cable, are the core that runs your organization, but often lack of transparent pricing leads to overspending, with Varisource on average we can get you 2x the speed for 30% less cost


Unified communications is the future of communications internally and externally like Teams, Slack, Zoom, VOIP, and Chat, Call Center, we can help you identify current savings and what technology transformation fits you best

Cyber Security

With daily news of companies getting hacked and ransomware, but with security being so broad it's difficult to know what you need and how you protect your business.  Varisource can help make that process simple


Software spend has become one of the top spend in any organization, but managing licenses and not understanding usage creates a lot of shadow IT and lack of compliance, let Varisource help solve all of that with SaaS management


Whether it's routers, switches, pbx, printers, computers or all hardware there's maintenance and depreciation to consider. Varisource helps you track all of that so you can make the best of your investments

Data Centers

With a database of thousands of data centers around the US and the world, Varisource can help you identify best optimization and compare Cloud Vs Physical data centers benefits and what's best for your needs


Our team will work with you to design the new generation network in order to support going to cloud and digital transformation in the future


Because we are a marketplace with thousands of choices, we are agnostic and able to help you build a true ROI on SDWAN replacing MPLS 


What's Wrong With Keeping Data On Spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets don't remind you of expirations, it's just raw data sitting there and it's not centralized where data analysis can be combined to provide answers

Why is knowing my technology data critical to my business?

Without having data you cannot plan, budget and optimize your business especially with technology spend being one of top 3 spend for any size organization

I already know what I spend through the finance team

Spend data is only one piece of the puzzle, finance team may know the spend but may not what's best market rates, or what the products and services are and when contracts are up to be able to negotiate. Data intelligence is about centralizing all data to provide business actionable insights

I have few suppliers/aggregators who keep all the
info for me

Even if you already have aggregator or single provider for certain solution, you have to have all the inventory, contracts, spend, supplier performance data yourself so you are always in control and have leverage against poor performance and negotiation when you want not when supplier remind you

I work with consultants already why I need Varisource?

Consultants provide suggestions and feedback then put it on spreadsheets themselves, which repeats the same issues that customer has. Data intelligence needs to be centralized and updated constantly with you. Even consultants need the Varisource platform to help them better service you

Our IT & Procurement team need a partner not another supplier

Varisource truly become a partner for our customers because our model is success based, which means only when you have savings and generate value do we get paid, so we have the same skin in the game as you to ensure you are successful and that we hold the suppliers accountable for you