Data Insights Makes Budgeting Easier

We help centralize your technology spend data so you can identify saving opportunities and plan budget easily for next year and beyond

The Problem

Difficult To Budget Without All Data Available

Not just knowing what you have, know what you will need to renew or replace next year and what options you have

Status of Suppliers

We digitize and centralize all your technology inventory, contracts, spend, supplier performance data into a single dashboard for you

Saving Opportunities

Our system analyze the data with you to identify savings opportunities for next year based on contracts and what new projects can be included

New Supplier Options

Technology sourcing marketplace of 1000s+ vetted suppliers for all technology services to consider for next year budgeting and projects

Data Insights For Budgeting

Don't ask suppliers for data or look through all the spreadsheets

We help digitize and centralize all your spend, contracts, inventory and supplier data in one dashboard for you to look at and review

Suppliers will be slow or not responsive to give you all the data you need
Spreadsheets is not complete and doesn't give you insights across all data combined

Data Insights For Actionable Insights

Not just raw data but we give you actionable insights

Giving you raw data is not enough as it would still require you to review and figure out what the data means, we analyze the data to give you actionable insights and info so you can just decide and make decisions

Through free benchmarking knowing how your current service compare to market
Imagine knowing that type of insights to help you budget for next year to replace or negotiate to generate savings

Data Insights For Marketplace

Know the solutions and suppliers you may want to budget for

Budgeting is also about what new projects or technology you may want to implement for next year, search through our marketplace of thousands of suppliers and technologies to budget for

Access a marketplace of 1000+ vetted suppliers for any projects
1000+ engineers available to answer questions for free anytime