You Can't Optimize What You Can't See

Technology is usually top 3 spend in any size organization, and without centralized data makes it difficult to optimize and plan


The "Technology 360" Platform

Have All The Data To Help You Make Better Decisions On Technology Spend


We digitize and centralize all your technology inventory, contracts, spend, supplier performance data into a single data hub  

Proactive Insights

Our system analyze the data to provide proactive reminders on contract renewals and data insights on what you should know


Data driven technology sourcing marketplace heling benchmark to identify savings opportunities on your technology spend

Data Insights For Inventory

All your technology spend, contracts, inventory in one place

We help collect and input all the data for you as well as maintain updating the records ongoing as part of our service

Finally have visibility for your technology investments in one view
Know what you have now in order to plan & budget for the future

Data Insights For Proactive Insights

Never get autorenew again by suppliers to keep sourcing leverage

Supplier often notify customers way too late to switch, or simply don't even remind you at all so you get autorenew, Varisource platform automatically notifies you way in advance so that never happens

Can't rely on people, suppliers or spreadsheets to help you track
Getting autorenew takes leverage power away from you

Data Insights For Marketplace

Making sure you have the best pricing and services compare to the market

Once you have data insights you are ready to make a change or need to start a new sourcing project, but don't have time to research and have endless demos and calls with suppliers. Varisource marketplace does all that for you automatically

Access a marketplace of 1000+ vetted suppliers for any projects
1000+ engineers available to answer questions for free anytime