Having Leverage Is Knowing Your Data 

Technology spend is very difficult to have all the data you need to have sourcing leverage against the suppliers

The Problem

When You Don't Have Data = No Leverage

Suppliers make it difficult for you to have the data so you autorenew


There's too many suppliers and services to track and update, suppliers remind you when it's too late, spreadsheets don't remind you all leads to autorenew


Customer forced to be reactive approach because you are more focused on running the business and or rely on suppliers who only have their best interest to renew you

Hard To Negotiate

Without having all the data makes it difficult to negotiate with existing suppliers to get best pricing and service, losing leverage powers

Don't Let Suppliers Make You Choose

Never get autorenew again by the suppliers

Varisource platform will automatically remind you way before renewal is up so you can decide if you want want to renew or replace with ample time on your own time frame and terms

Let proactive notifications complement your team not relying on spreadsheets
Don't let suppliers force you into making rush decisions or renew with them due to no choice

Go On The Offense

Data insights helps give you power of leverage to hold suppliers accountable

Imagine when we remind you of contract expirations but also providing you data insights such as renew savings as well as replacement savings so you can just review and make proactive decisions and not admin tasks

More than just raw data and reminders, it's proactive insights
Having data means you can negotiate with suppliers from position of strength

Knowledge Is Power

You have market data in palm of your hands to negotiate with existing or new

Having data doesn't mean you have to switch or make a change, it's having the power and decision based on your own time and terms

Know what the market has to offer to negotiate against existing suppliers
Keeping suppliers on their toes knowing you have thousands of options to back you up